Thursday, 30 August 2012


Bob hairstyles were first seen in fashion industry in 1910 but they got fame in 1920 when many celebrities tried this hairstyle. This is very popular hairstyle and it is also called ready to go hairstyle as you can style your hairs with out wasting lot of time by just washing your hairs, dry and comb them and you are ready to go out. Bob hairstyles are basically divided in to tow types and these are traditional bob style and modern bob style.

Modern bob hairstyles include many types which are invented by bringing variations with changing fashion and the types are inverted bob hairstyles, angled bob hairstyles 2012, classy bob hairstyles, choppy bob hairstyles and asymmetrical bob hairstyles. All these types are basically similar but with slight differences. Angled bob hairstyles 2012 are very stylish hairstyles as in this type of bob you have layers at the top of your head and hairs at the front are larger than at the back side.

If you want to make your angled bob hairstyles 2012 more stylish then you can try bangs or fringes with your bob style as bangs will make your look more beautiful and there are many types of bangs in fashion this year like wispy bangs, blunt bangs and side swept bangs so you can try any bang style according to your choice. This hairstyle gives freedom to the carrier to change hairstyle easily whenever it is desired. Angled bob style is favorites of teens and this hairstyle helps in framing of face. Your facial features should be kept in mind if you are looking for any stylish hairstyles.

Similarly if you are choosing any bang style then it must be according to your face shape like blunt bangs are suitable for long, round and oval faces as these bangs help in framing cheekbones. You can color your hairs or highlight different strands of hairs. Similarly, if you are going with any bang style then you can get a chic look by highlighting just your bangs. Angled bob styles add flair, drama and class to the personality of the wearer. Among other popular bob styles, inverted bob and choppy bob haircuts are included. Choppy bob style is best for those women who have thin hairs as this is layered hairstyle and layers give weight at the crown of the head. You can get many styles of bob if you want to change your hairstyle.

Saturday, 18 August 2012


Parents always look towards stylish hairstyles, dresses, shoes and other accessories for their kids. Mothers not only take care of their daughters especially but they also want to make their sons attractive. Hairstyles can change your whole story and this is reason that we mostly focus on our hairstyles. Boys’ hairstyles 2012 are not only stylish but they are easy too.
If you are going to choose any of the boys’ hairstyles 2012 then you must keep in mind certain things like age of your boy, his activities, personality and factor of ease attached with your selected hairstyle. Moreover hair texture, and face shape are other important components which must be considered in selection of any hairstyle. Short hairstyles are in fashion not only among women but also among men. Among best short boys’ hairstyles 2012, buzz cut, short crop, crew cut, spiky hairstyle and Caesar cut are very popular.
Buzz cut and short crop are very short hairstyles 2012 which are very easy to style as in these hairstyles; hairs remain very close to the scalp so you can easily touch your scalp with your fingers. These hairstyles are best for buys busy in sports as they can not afford long hairs. Long hairs can be hurdle in their way so you must choose short and easy hairstyles for them. If you want to give a bit more stylish look to your boys then spiky hairstyle is best for them. This hairstyle is very easy and you can make it at home. All you need is to wash hairs first and towel dries them. Then apply hairstyling gel and make spikes and your son are ready.
Another simplest and easy hairstyle for boys is wash and comb. In this hairstyle you have to simple wash your hairs, dry them with towel and comb them and you are ready to go out. Children can not spend much time in hairstyling because of their tough schedule as they have to spend time for their studies, sports and other extra curricular activities. So it is advisable to choose easy and simple hairstyles for them. Caesar cut is another hairstyle for boys which are named after Julius Caesar. It involves horizontal fringes. You must be very conscious about length of hairs while selecting any hairstyle as if you will get a hairstyle specific for short hairs on your long hairs then it will result in destruction of your whole look.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Pixie hairstyles

The short pixie hairstyles are the celebrity hair styles. This hair cut is best for the round shape girls as it helps the girls in showing the round face in oval shape. But this hair cut is used with all kinds of face shapes. The girls use the fancy broaches to pin in the hair to decorate the pixie hair. The girls like to use many color of dyes to make the hair beautiful. If the hairs are little bit longer then the front hair is set on the forehead. With pixie hair cut the girls can make a volume of hair at the crown area of head.

This volume can be made by pulling the hair in upwards direction. This volume can be made with the back combing of the longer front hair. The celebrities use this hair style to take part in a prom party. But many people like to have pixie hairstyles for the routine use. This hair style is best for all rounds, ovals, diamond, the heart, oblong and square shapes faces. The girls who are very busy and have tough schedule like to have short hair because in this hair they can dress hair in short time  For such people the pixie hair style is best. Click bob haircuts

The sleek but choppy little bang is made with this haircuts 2012. The deep side part is also best for pixie hair style. The spiking and almost the Elvis-like hair style with pixie hair cut is also nice and show the craziness of girls. So, this is the hair style for ambitious girls. Sculptured and the swept straight forward is also another attractive hair style. The sleek in front and the messy at back is the most demanding hair style in pixie hair cut.

Spiky and punky setting of pixie cut hair is also admiring.  The long pixie hair bang enriches the forehead and eyes with the attractive colors. In this way, many kinds of different styles can be brought with the pixie hair style. Some girls like to make the curls with pixie hair cut. These cut make a nest like texture on the head and it looks nice and attractive. In this hair style, the girls look quite young. That’s why many women like to have this hair style. So, the women and girls think it a fun to play with hair in the way of making hair styles.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Long hair is designed in hair styles of amazing look

It was a trend to have long hair. This trend was used before some decades. But the same trend has a revival in this present and modern age. Now the girls of modern age also like to grow hair and have long hair. It can be said the fashion never dies. It only hides itself under new fashion. So, the long hair is used to make many hair styles. In long hair, a lot of hair styles can be made. Mostly the girls love to curl hair but not in bouncy look. The girls like to curl long hair in wavy look. Click summer hairstyles 2012

The wavy look is itself a stylish hair styles. With this wavy hair, the girls need not to design another hair style. But some girls like to make easy hair styles with curly hair. The easiest hair style with curly hair is that the girls can bind the long hair in side ponytail. The side ponytails and side braids are best hair styles in hairstyles for prom long hair. The waterfall braid is also made with long hair and it is really amazing. The girls can open hair only with a light blob of hair at top. Click hairstyles for 2012

This blob is made by back combing. Back combing is the best hair styles to increase the volume to hair and in this way; the girls can make their thin hair thick. The girls also make buns with long curly hair. They can roll locks of hair and pin them in the rose shape. So, the rose bun is also made from long hair and it is known as best hairstyles for prom long hair. Some girls make French braid on the top of head.

This braid can be rolled in rose shape and fix it up near the ear. The mermaid style braid is made with long hair which is thick and have wavy look. This braid can be made at center and on one side. The messy high buns are best to show off the beauty of neck and shoulders. These kinds of hair styles are best for summer season bit it does not mean that these hair styles can not be used in winter season. The girls can also use them for winter prom events. So it can be said that the long hair has large variety of hair styles as compare to short or medium hair.

Friday, 3 August 2012


Medium length hairs are versatile and everyone is in hurry so we want easy hairstyles for medium hair. You can find a lot of tips for making easy hairstyles for medium hair and there are many advantages of medium length hairs as they are suitable for all face shapes whether your face is oval, chubby, round or long. Another advantage is that you can style your hairs in many ways. One of the easiest hairstyle which is sexy and stylish at the same time is to leave your hairs open at your back.

You can add some curls at your back or hairs around your face. Teenaged and young ladies are always in hunt of stylish and best hairstyles as there are many ways to style your medium length hairs. Layered hairstyle is one of the easy and cute hairstyles for medium hair and it is best for thin and fine hairs as layers give an extra volume to the hairs. This hairstyle requires regular trimming for maintenance and number of layers depends on total length of hairs but this hairstyle looks great if tips of hairs remain pointed so for this purpose you can use razor to cut the ends of hairs. Layered hairstyles are best because they give a wonderful up and down appearance and this hairstyle accentuates your lips, eyes and facial features exclusively well. Curls and buns are other suitable hairstyles which you can try of your medium length hairs.

Nowadays, you need not to make your buns neatly as simply you have to pin up your hairs roughly and make a bun and leave some strands of hairs roughly around your face as this hairstyle will give you a trendy and stylish look. If you have naturally wavy medium length hairs then a beautifully arranged ponytail will give an awesome look. Choppy medium length hairstyles are other suitable styles for medium length hairs. Choppy hairstyles 2012 can be made with different combinations like you can try choppy hairstyle with bangs or layers. These hairstyles are great editions of latest trends. Apart from these hairstyles, you can try stylish bob cut with simple layers and ends falling don with curves. Men also are crazy of getting medium hairdos. Among medium length hairstyles for men, graduation, medium layered, shag and classic taper. You can color your hairs or highlight different strands if you want to give you a more chic look. Click fashion 2012