Wednesday, 22 February 2012


Medium hairstyles are most acceptable hairstyles because they carry the ease of short hairs and elegance of long hairs. In medium hairstyles, length of hairs mostly remains till shoulders so you can try a lot of styles with your medium hairs. Your hairstyle helps a lot in changing your features. It reflects what you are so you should be very sure about your hairstyle.
There are many types of medium hairstyles as medium hairstyles are elegant and versatile at the same time. You can try layers, side swept or wispy bangs, curls and many other styles among the list of medium hairstyles.

Layers help a lot in flaunting your features but layers need regular trimming after five or six weeks so that your hairstyle can be in order and in perfect position. You can give volume to your thin and fine hairs by making curls as curls give a heavier look to the thin hairs.
If you are doing an experiment with your hairs by adopting any of the medium hairstyles and then you think that your hairstyle is not suitable for you then you have an option of moving towards shorter hairstyles but if you already have short hairs the you will no other option except to wait for growing your hairs to a longer length so that you can try another hairstyles 2012 of your choice.

Mostly women like long hairs but they avoid them because they are difficult to maintain and style and if such women are not in favor of short hairs then they will have an option of medium hairstyles as these hairstyles are easy to maintain and easy to style. Another advantage of medium hairstyles is that they are neither too long nor too short so you can style them in any way you want. You can try short and long hairstyles at your medium hairs so medium hairstyles are combination of both.
Beside the advantages and disadvantages of medium hairstyles, they are popular among women very much. Medium hairstyles have another advantage that they are easy to style and easy to manage. You only need a good shampoo and fine toothed comb to style your hairs and you are ready to go out. Hairstyles can change your look. They can change your style but they should be in accordance with your face shape, hair texture and of course according to your personality.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Latest men’s fashion : Stunning and trendy

Men’s fashions and trends come and go but jeans are never out of fashion for latest men’s fashion. This year the overall look for men’s style is dressy and elegant. When it comes to jeans, a bit slimmer fit was great hit on catwalks for men’s fashions. Jeans are now getting leaner in a slightly higher waist than previous years. It also seems that loudly faded jeans are now loosing their place in men’s trends and styles.

On the other side it seems that embroidering and stitching on jeans is still here in men’s latest trends. Vintage jeans look is still very fashionable and stylish this year. Some styles of past seasons for men are still present in this year including layering or pairing a dressier top with a stylish faded jeans. Knits are again making a come back in men’s latest trends and there is no great compliment to a sweater than a sleek pair of jeans for men’s stylish trends.

The bad boy appearance is also a long-lasting favorite so any pair of denims with leather coat will look great and excellent. When incorporating fashions 2012, it is great to combine dressy and casual, as far as you stay within confident confines. Aim for similar textures and you’ll be great. If you are going to wear a layered or dressier appearance on top then pair off with a slimmer pair of dark colored jeans.

This year seems to move with its gradual pace presenting variety of styles and trends in men’s fashion. Among those stylish trends is the latest tie trend. For men, ties teach the art of being a perfect man in this new era. Neckties are very popular and are all in the rage during this Year. Tie makes you to look a true gentleman and it is also a part of office accessories. Sherwani is traditional groom dress worn by many men on their wedding day.

It is very popular and latest men’s fashion  not only in Pakistan but also in many other countries. It is traditional dress of sub-continent. Nowadays sherwani comes in many latest and brand new colors and styles. It also has needle and stone work on it to make it more attractive and stunning. It is almost similar to a coat but it extends till down the knees and sometimes even lower. These are some latest men’s fashions which are popular in all over the world for cool and stunning look. For more please click bob haircuts.