Saturday, 20 October 2012

Long brown hairstyles

Naturally hair has many colors. Hair can also be dyed in many colors. Brown color is very cool and amazing color tone. To dye hair has become a part of fashion and women love to follow fashion. This modern world is the world of fashion and styles as this is the world of technology. Although, technology is very advanced in this present time yet this technology never can over come the thirst of fashion. Fashion is still progressing with development of technology. To dye hair is known as part of fun and art. To play with hair is also fun.

So, by making hair styles, by cutting hair and by coloring hair girls make fun. Brown color is a natural hair color to some extent. Brown color also attracts a lot. Brown color are of two tones like light brown and dark brown. In long brown hairstyles, layer hair cut is very demanding. Layer cut is also known as face framing hair style. With this hair style, side bag is used. Long brown hair is also curled in bouncy look. This bouncy brown hair texture is a rich volume hair style. Up dos hair styles are also made from long brown hair. For more hairstyles are available just click short hairstyles 2012

In up dos hair styles, heighted hair style is made. This kind of hairstyles 2012 adds few inches in the height of users. The up bun is also known as one of increasing height hair style. Some layers are extracted from bun to rest on face, neck and back. This hair style is also one of long brown hairstyles. Long brunette hair style suits to teen age girls. In this hair style, deep side partition is made in long hair. Large part is pinned. And from this hair, a lose braid is made while other part is left open.

Fancy pins are used to decorate hair styles. This is an awesome hairstyles. Simple ponytail hair style is also made from long brown hair. This hair style suits on all face shapes except square face shape. Light brown and dark brown both hair colors are tried on long hair to make any kind of hair style. With long hair, side or back buns are made which are used as prom hair styles. Natural flowers are used to decorate such hair styles. So, brown hair has a large variety of hair styles which are decorated with hair accessories.