Saturday, 21 April 2012


Women like short hairs and there are many types of short hairs which you can try according to your face shape and hair type. Short spiky haircuts for women are gaining popularity day by day. Many famous celebrities are carrying short spiky haircuts for women and they make their look more stylish and totally different from others.
Short hairs for women are preferred because of their low maintenance and when you are styling your hairs for some special event then you need only few minutes to style your hairs. Short spiky haircuts for women are very glamorous and if you are trying this hairstyle, then you need pomade or gel to style your hairs but you can get help of your hair stylist if you are making this hairstyle for some special event. Short hairs need regular trimming after every month so that your hairstyle remains perfect and does not create any mess. Click fashion 2012
Short spiky hairstyles are best for black women but it does not mean that other females can not try this hairstyle. The best thing in styling of hairs is to keep your hairs natural but if you want to make some style then you can go with ultra sleek and straight, curly hairstyles and spiky hairstyles. Curly hairstyles are best for those women who have thin and fine hairs as curls give volume to the hairs. Spiky hairstyles are best for men who are professional and want to give them a stylish and sober look but now women like these hairstyles and they are trying them. Among short hairstyles, natural straight hairstyles are very popular as in these hairstyles, nothing is done to the hairs and they remain in their natural state. You only have to shampoo your hairs and condition them.

If you are bold enough to try very short hairstyles 2012 then you can go with pixie cut, razor cut and short afro and twist hairstyle. Short afro and twist hairstyle is extremely short hairstyle and you can make it more stylish by wearing extremely huge earrings. Black women can choose this hairstyle. Pixie cut has many types like standard pixie cut, choppy cut, shaggy cut and boyish inspired pixie cut so you can get anyone of your own choice but if you are getting pixie cut then you must spend time in its styling. Standard pixie cut does not require time for styling but it requires regular trimming in order to prevent it from being messy.

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