Friday, 10 August 2012

Long hair is designed in hair styles of amazing look

It was a trend to have long hair. This trend was used before some decades. But the same trend has a revival in this present and modern age. Now the girls of modern age also like to grow hair and have long hair. It can be said the fashion never dies. It only hides itself under new fashion. So, the long hair is used to make many hair styles. In long hair, a lot of hair styles can be made. Mostly the girls love to curl hair but not in bouncy look. The girls like to curl long hair in wavy look. Click summer hairstyles 2012

The wavy look is itself a stylish hair styles. With this wavy hair, the girls need not to design another hair style. But some girls like to make easy hair styles with curly hair. The easiest hair style with curly hair is that the girls can bind the long hair in side ponytail. The side ponytails and side braids are best hair styles in hairstyles for prom long hair. The waterfall braid is also made with long hair and it is really amazing. The girls can open hair only with a light blob of hair at top. Click hairstyles for 2012

This blob is made by back combing. Back combing is the best hair styles to increase the volume to hair and in this way; the girls can make their thin hair thick. The girls also make buns with long curly hair. They can roll locks of hair and pin them in the rose shape. So, the rose bun is also made from long hair and it is known as best hairstyles for prom long hair. Some girls make French braid on the top of head.

This braid can be rolled in rose shape and fix it up near the ear. The mermaid style braid is made with long hair which is thick and have wavy look. This braid can be made at center and on one side. The messy high buns are best to show off the beauty of neck and shoulders. These kinds of hair styles are best for summer season bit it does not mean that these hair styles can not be used in winter season. The girls can also use them for winter prom events. So it can be said that the long hair has large variety of hair styles as compare to short or medium hair.

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