Sunday, 12 August 2012

Pixie hairstyles

The short pixie hairstyles are the celebrity hair styles. This hair cut is best for the round shape girls as it helps the girls in showing the round face in oval shape. But this hair cut is used with all kinds of face shapes. The girls use the fancy broaches to pin in the hair to decorate the pixie hair. The girls like to use many color of dyes to make the hair beautiful. If the hairs are little bit longer then the front hair is set on the forehead. With pixie hair cut the girls can make a volume of hair at the crown area of head.

This volume can be made by pulling the hair in upwards direction. This volume can be made with the back combing of the longer front hair. The celebrities use this hair style to take part in a prom party. But many people like to have pixie hairstyles for the routine use. This hair style is best for all rounds, ovals, diamond, the heart, oblong and square shapes faces. The girls who are very busy and have tough schedule like to have short hair because in this hair they can dress hair in short time  For such people the pixie hair style is best. Click bob haircuts

The sleek but choppy little bang is made with this haircuts 2012. The deep side part is also best for pixie hair style. The spiking and almost the Elvis-like hair style with pixie hair cut is also nice and show the craziness of girls. So, this is the hair style for ambitious girls. Sculptured and the swept straight forward is also another attractive hair style. The sleek in front and the messy at back is the most demanding hair style in pixie hair cut.

Spiky and punky setting of pixie cut hair is also admiring.  The long pixie hair bang enriches the forehead and eyes with the attractive colors. In this way, many kinds of different styles can be brought with the pixie hair style. Some girls like to make the curls with pixie hair cut. These cut make a nest like texture on the head and it looks nice and attractive. In this hair style, the girls look quite young. That’s why many women like to have this hair style. So, the women and girls think it a fun to play with hair in the way of making hair styles.

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